Attract the Ladies with a Euro Fashion that Will Impress them All

It’s no secret, European men get every one of the ladies. There’s something concerning their cool swagger that we as Americans just can’t touch. Whether it’s the centuries removed from the essences of our olde time heritage ever since the Mayflower came right here, or if it’s just that we are too spread out while seeking to remain one “nation,” we are at a total disadvantage when compared to Europeans. So what can we do to give ourselves as much of a leg up as we could get? We need to think like a European, and exude that charm. Then perhaps we’ll start reeling them in like a true old worlder. Here are some tips.


First, you have to drive the right car. If you drive a big old American truck or a Toyota Prius, you’re not likely to impress anyone. In fact, individuals will roll their eyes at the for either being too cliché (just like a dad in a Prius) or compensating for something you perceive as missing, as they say (if you drive an over-sized Ford truck). We recommend getting yourself a European car – and we’re not talking Volvos, here. Try something like a BMW or a Mini Cooper. Alternatively, even a Fiat if you’re more with limited funds. And also has that Euro swagger, a Fiat creates a great option because it is cheaper. Visit fiat downey and you’ll see that the cars are cool and sleek, and attractive. Or poke around online at Fall in love.


It’s also about how exactly you dress. You certainly don’t want to dress like among those slovenly Americans you see at each and every mall and Wal-Mart from the land, even if you don’t wish to go over the very best and wear a suit everywhere you go. Baggy jeans and stupid logo on a sweatshirt is a great well to repel everyone and everything. Better is to wear sleek clothing, clothes that suit your body and also have good solid lines and creases. H&M is an excellent place to buy less expensive clothing that may be like it’s a tad bit more higher end. A scarf or another touch such as a blazer or a nice watch can really help make the outfit more desirable to the ladies.


Trend of guys growing beards – either big ones or groomed ones – and shaving their neck,. That’s also, one thing that any non-American will simply despise! It’s the best way to make an otherwise nice beard look too groomed, too stuffy, and just throughout awful looking. It begs the question: does this person have a mirror? When a man shaves his beard as much as his jaw line, this makes it look like he’s hiding something, looking to change the model of his face in an unnatural way. It’s a subtle way of resembling a stuffy loser. Don’t do it. Ever.