Have To Know What’s Not Present Quiz #366


Everybody is to enjoy the first days of spring – or depending on where you live – the 1st days of autumn. So we thought this is the right moment to accomplish a slightly different quiz for the remaining 12000 or something thousand visitors this weekend. Although you can see five cars, we love you to concentrate on the two cars directly in front. One of our frequent readers – we will disclose his name next week – sent in the photo to see how we can test your knowledge in another way for a change.

This photo was taken just a week ago. The …. (one in the left) is mine as well as the …. …. (one in the right) is associated with…. (Editor: yet another frequent visitor). We’re both PWC jury members. Each car has something missing.

As we expect many good answers this time around we don’t want to hear all the details. Just the make of every car as well as the part(s) which are missing. Post your comment before Monday March 24 so we will draw the winner of the infamous PreWarCar T-shirt. Have a good one!