Smart Used Cars for Young Drivers

By considering a pre-owned vehicle, start. Used cars certainly are a financially savvy option for new drivers who happen to be still becoming accustomed to the roadways and might be on a tight budget. We’ve scoured dealerships for our favorite used car models so that you don’t have to. Continue reading to check out our top pre-owned choices for new drivers.

2009 Scion tC


Standard features, and high reliability rating, the 2009 Scion tC was one of our favorite options for new drivers simply because of its great price. With its standard six-speaker Pioneer stereo system and USB port, drivers can plug in their iPods and enjoy great sound quality while cruising around. The rear row is comfortable and spacious with higher headroom than most coupes, and a great deal of cargo space make it an incredibly functional choice. Standard driver’s knee airbags and anti-lock breaks offer extra safety, for the peace of mind of parents and inexperienced drivers alike. For under10 and , the Scion tC is a hip, budget friendly option to get you on your way without going broke.

2009 Toyota Prius


This hatchback managed to get onto our list simply because of its fuel and versatility economy. The Prius’ design features a large interior cabin and spacious cargo area, making it a common option for families. Deciding on a car that the whole family can utilize might be your best bet if you’re not willing or able to purchase a car just for the latest driver in your daily life. This hybrid model gets outstanding fuel consumption, with about 45 miles to the gallon. Add to that its superior reliability rating, and you’ve got a car that might be as loved by young drivers as it is with dad and mom.

2009 Ford Taurus


Fords are known to be reliable, well made cars using a high resale value. However, when test driving used cars, we were particularly fond of the 2009 Taurus we saw at Ontario Ford. One of several top cars in its class, the Taurus is easy to get, has excellent safety scores, and above average fuel economy. The folks at told us it really has been a popular option for families and young drivers alike. With spacious interiors, a 3.5-liter V6 engine, and comfortable handling, the 2009 Ford Taurus may help new drivers to feel safe on the road.

2010 Honda Fit


The 2010 Honda Fit is one of the best affordable small cars we found in our search. The interior cabin is loaded with lots of space and seating, in addition to the Fit’s innovative Magic Seat design, which flips to help you to store larger cargo items. Its excellent safety scores along some of the highest reliability ratings in their class transform it into a practical selection for discerning drivers.