Why is Leather Upholstery Better than Cloth Upholstery in a Car

There are lots of choices to make whenever you buy a new or used car. You will need to choose the model and make of car which will satisfy your desires and then you have to think about colour, any extras and of course the inside of the car. The upholstery of the car is something that you simply should pay particular focus on. Should you go for leather upholstery or for cloth upholstery? At http://mcpeekdodge.com they’ve got both options available, but which is best?

Here are several things to think about before making your selection.

The vast majority of new and used cars have cloth upholstery first very good reason – the cost. You will probably have to pay a little more for leather upholstery in the beginning but this will be money well spent. The long run benefits outweigh those initial costs.


It is much easier to help keep the leather upholstery in a vehicle clean than it is fabric upholstery. If you act quickly enough there are frequently no harm done, you can wipe up spills and. It’s even better when your car has dark leather upholstery. Leather upholstery is a particularly good plan for Moms or Dads taxi that is utilized to transport children.

Leather upholstery is also very comfortable. Any driver who regularly travels longer distances in their car will appreciate the added comfort from leather seats. It also has a rather luxurious smell which not only makes your automobile look good but feel good too. Although you are going to pay a little extra in the beginning for a motor with leather upholstery if you come to re-sell your car it can have maintained a higher price if this has been kept in good condition.

Caring for leather upholstery is nothing to be fearful of. The good quality modern leather used in the manufacture of most cars nowadays needs little if any maintenance at all. The occasional treatment with specifically designed products will help to maintain the stain resistant qualities in the leather in addition to prevent it from tearing, cracking and splitting. In case the leather upholstery in your car does begin to split or crack then its either of sub-standard quality or it has not been treated properly.


A very important factor which you must think about if you purchase a car with leather upholstery and seats is that they could get very hot when you park in direct sunlight. This can be uncomfortable on bare legs when you first get into the car. It is in reality a good idea to look for a shady spot to park your car during the summer anyhow – this will not merely help to keep the inside of your vehicle nice and cool but additionally prevent other damage from the burning sun.

Parking in direct sunlight might cause cracking and fading of the other places of your car interior as well as potential problems for that paintwork on the outside of your car. If you do park in sunshine then a handy windshield shade can help to make things more comfortable.


The advantages of choosing leather car upholstery do add up that makes the minor initial outlay an extra charge well worth paying.

When you are considering new or used cars costa mesa has a great selection to choose from with a choice of leather or fabric upholstery. Opting for leather has many benefits although some people simply get a car with cloth upholstery and cover the seats with removable, washable car seat covers.