Why is Leather Upholstery Better than Cloth Upholstery in a Car

There are lots of choices to make whenever you buy a new or used car. You will need to choose the model and make of car which will satisfy your desires and then you have to think about colour, any extras and of course the inside of the car. The upholstery of the car is something that you simply should pay particular focus on. Should you go for leather upholstery or for cloth upholstery? At http://mcpeekdodge.com they’ve got both options available, but which is best?

Here are several things to think about before making your selection.

The vast majority of new and used cars have cloth upholstery first very good reason – the cost. You will probably have to pay a little more for leather upholstery in the beginning but this will be money well spent. The long run benefits outweigh those initial costs.


It is much easier to help keep the leather upholstery in a vehicle clean than it is fabric upholstery. If you act quickly enough there are frequently no harm done, you can wipe up spills and. It’s even better when your car has dark leather upholstery. Leather upholstery is a particularly good plan for Moms or Dads taxi that is utilized to transport children.

Leather upholstery is also very comfortable. Any driver who regularly travels longer distances in their car will appreciate the added comfort from leather seats. It also has a rather luxurious smell which not only makes your automobile look good but feel good too. Although you are going to pay a little extra in the beginning for a motor with leather upholstery if you come to re-sell your car it can have maintained a higher price if this has been kept in good condition.

Caring for leather upholstery is nothing to be fearful of. The good quality modern leather used in the manufacture of most cars nowadays needs little if any maintenance at all. The occasional treatment with specifically designed products will help to maintain the stain resistant qualities in the leather in addition to prevent it from tearing, cracking and splitting. In case the leather upholstery in your car does begin to split or crack then its either of sub-standard quality or it has not been treated properly.


A very important factor which you must think about if you purchase a car with leather upholstery and seats is that they could get very hot when you park in direct sunlight. This can be uncomfortable on bare legs when you first get into the car. It is in reality a good idea to look for a shady spot to park your car during the summer anyhow – this will not merely help to keep the inside of your vehicle nice and cool but additionally prevent other damage from the burning sun.

Parking in direct sunlight might cause cracking and fading of the other places of your car interior as well as potential problems for that paintwork on the outside of your car. If you do park in sunshine then a handy windshield shade can help to make things more comfortable.


The advantages of choosing leather car upholstery do add up that makes the minor initial outlay an extra charge well worth paying.

When you are considering new or used cars costa mesa has a great selection to choose from with a choice of leather or fabric upholstery. Opting for leather has many benefits although some people simply get a car with cloth upholstery and cover the seats with removable, washable car seat covers.

What’s There To Like About The Hennessey’s Twin-Turbo Chevy Camaro ZL1


Really, what’s not to like about the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1? It’s a chiseled, sub-$60K, two-door muscle cruiser with 580 hp and enough handling prowess to hook a C6 Z06 around the ‘Ring. The ZL1’s 4120-lb curb weight is probably a direct result having its cake and eating it, too. So it’s not necessarily that Hennessey has gone about fixing anything with its HPE1000 package, but instead adding a lot of good stuff. Like a 427-cid block. And a loping custom cam. And 2 ball-bearing turbochargers. The finished product sounds like this:

So, after you put it about the pavement what’s 876 hp and 864 lb-ft torque like?

READ WHY: The Camaro Z/28 laps faster with traction control on

We particularly liked the various components with pronounced blow-off valve noise, copious tire smoke, and a 10.6-second, 135.3-mph time slip. So, yeah, we pretty much liked all of it. If you’re through to Chevy COPO history, you’ll probably agree that there’s just something right with regards to a ZL1 badge and 427 cubes within the hood., plus..

Have To Know What’s Not Present Quiz #366


Everybody is to enjoy the first days of spring – or depending on where you live – the 1st days of autumn. So we thought this is the right moment to accomplish a slightly different quiz for the remaining 12000 or something thousand visitors this weekend. Although you can see five cars, we love you to concentrate on the two cars directly in front. One of our frequent readers – we will disclose his name next week – sent in the photo to see how we can test your knowledge in another way for a change.

This photo was taken just a week ago. The …. (one in the left) is mine as well as the …. …. (one in the right) is associated with…. (Editor: yet another frequent visitor). We’re both PWC jury members. Each car has something missing.

As we expect many good answers this time around we don’t want to hear all the details. Just the make of every car as well as the part(s) which are missing. Post your comment before Monday March 24 so we will draw the winner of the infamous PreWarCar T-shirt. Have a good one!

Attract the Ladies with a Euro Fashion that Will Impress them All

It’s no secret, European men get every one of the ladies. There’s something concerning their cool swagger that we as Americans just can’t touch. Whether it’s the centuries removed from the essences of our olde time heritage ever since the Mayflower came right here, or if it’s just that we are too spread out while seeking to remain one “nation,” we are at a total disadvantage when compared to Europeans. So what can we do to give ourselves as much of a leg up as we could get? We need to think like a European, and exude that charm. Then perhaps we’ll start reeling them in like a true old worlder. Here are some tips.


First, you have to drive the right car. If you drive a big old American truck or a Toyota Prius, you’re not likely to impress anyone. In fact, individuals will roll their eyes at the for either being too cliché (just like a dad in a Prius) or compensating for something you perceive as missing, as they say (if you drive an over-sized Ford truck). We recommend getting yourself a European car – and we’re not talking Volvos, here. Try something like a BMW or a Mini Cooper. Alternatively, even a Fiat if you’re more with limited funds. And also has that Euro swagger, a Fiat creates a great option because it is cheaper. Visit fiat downey and you’ll see that the cars are cool and sleek, and attractive. Or poke around online at www.ocfiat.com. Fall in love.


It’s also about how exactly you dress. You certainly don’t want to dress like among those slovenly Americans you see at each and every mall and Wal-Mart from the land, even if you don’t wish to go over the very best and wear a suit everywhere you go. Baggy jeans and stupid logo on a sweatshirt is a great well to repel everyone and everything. Better is to wear sleek clothing, clothes that suit your body and also have good solid lines and creases. H&M is an excellent place to buy less expensive clothing that may be like it’s a tad bit more higher end. A scarf or another touch such as a blazer or a nice watch can really help make the outfit more desirable to the ladies.


Trend of guys growing beards – either big ones or groomed ones – and shaving their neck,. That’s also, one thing that any non-American will simply despise! It’s the best way to make an otherwise nice beard look too groomed, too stuffy, and just throughout awful looking. It begs the question: does this person have a mirror? When a man shaves his beard as much as his jaw line, this makes it look like he’s hiding something, looking to change the model of his face in an unnatural way. It’s a subtle way of resembling a stuffy loser. Don’t do it. Ever.

About Quiz #367: 1916/1917 Daniels Model A Tourer Is Here


This photo brought to us by Gunnar Geijer was consumed Norway, nothing more is recognized, except for the regisitration C-78. Unfortunately, caused by a technical mishap, part of the solution was published to those who checked smartphone or tablet. Which makes it fairly impossible to judge the 27 answers inside an honest way. However some things are sure. It is not a Yale, not just a Cole, not really a King, not really a Cadillac and also no La Fayette. Twenty two competitors named Daniels. See full results here.

Sender in the photo Gunnar Geier – who is restoring a Daniels – added: There are not many left. In the circa 2500 built below 20 appears to have survived. Some 30 years ago I bought the sad remains of the oldest known Daniels, a 1916 seven passenger dual phaeton (chassis #164), the same as the one about the picture. It would appear that at least three early cars made their way to Scandinavia (editor: another source says thirteen cars came to Norway) . One restored 1917 model is at the Tekniska Museet in Oslo, Norway. The engine from the car about the picture is a scrap yard in Norway as well as the third “car” is mine.

Aleksander Langsaether (family of Kjetil? ) adds to the history of the car C-78. This particualr car was owned by Mr. E. Th. Lindboe.

Because of the issue with pre-publication we have chosen to announce this weeks winner to be Ole Kristian Haugen. He restored the museum car and gave soem nice details: The high weight combined with two-wheel brakes gave us some scary moments, though It is a heavy beast to operate in traffic, better in the open road. Also scaring is the petrol consumption greater than 30 l/100 km. The ca 6,5 -litre Herschell-Spillman engine has double ignition by an Atwater-Kent distributor and magneto. The front axle is by Timken.

What You Need To Know at the Honda Civic Wagon, NSX Concept at Geneva Motor Show


Two new Honda Concept models will be making their European debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The Civic Wagon concept will be lining up alongside the next generation NSX Concept and the CR-V featuring the new 4-cylinder 1.6L diesel engine to give a taste of what’s to come from Honda over the next couple of years.

List of models:

Civic Wagon concept
Honda will be taking the wraps off the Civic Wagon concept model which strongly hints at the design direction of the final production version.This new derivative will strengthen the Civic range and will be built at Honda’s manufacturing facility in Swindon.

Honda NSX Concept

Also making its European debut is the new Honda NSX Concept which suggests a potential direction for the next-generation NSX’s interior design.

The exterior design stays true to the original concept styling, maintaining its low and wide stance with the dynamic and alluring proportions that are highlighted by simple, clean and modern surfacing.

CR-V 1.6L i-DTEC

The CR-V is the next model in Honda’s European line up to benefit from the new Earth Dreams Technology engine series as it joins the Civic in offering the 4-cylinder 1.6 i-DTEC diesel engine. The CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC will be available in two-wheel drive only, with manual transmission to provide an exceptional balance of performance and economy.

The 1.6 i-DTEC diesel engine is the lightest engine in its class and will help the CR-V to deliver energetic performance, agile handling and low running costs for customers. The CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC will also be built at Honda’s manufacturing facility in Swindon and will be available from Autumn 2013.

Three Must-Haves For Noisy People


Are you among those people who loves bringing attention to yourself through noise? Here are three things that you need to have so that you can make other people’s windows rattle and turn heads if so.

1. A Muscle Car


What better approach to make noise and attract attention compared to a muscle car. The Dodge Challenger from san juan capistrano dodge is a great example of the particular muscle car you need. By having an optional 707 HP V8 engine, you may be getting an insane volume of power, meaning you will dominate the highway. Add to that an optional luxury sound system with touch screen satellite and navigation radio, and you will be making noise wherever you go. Learn more at www.ocauto.com.

2. A House Sound System

A property sound system might be the best way to make noise if you are at home. Even just a few years ago, developing a system that went throughout your home meant wiring speakers into the walls. That is untrue anymore. With speakers running off of wifi, you can have speakers in every room in your home that one could control with your smart phone or maybe your computer. You can also have the option of having all of the speakers play the same or have speakers in individual rooms play various things, meaning you can blast a motion picture in one room while someone listens to music in another.

3. A Motorcycle

Unlike a car, which you will likely drive every single day, a motorcycle would almost certainly be a hobby item. It is to be loud if there is one thing that motorcycles are known for. So, or longer road trips, a motorcycle is probably one of the best ways for you to make noise and attract some attention, should you get one for cruising country roads on the sunny day.

2015 Acura NSX Get It On Actions


A prototype Acura NSX lapped the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio today, just prior to the running of the Honda Indy 200, exciting fans in the state where the NSX is being developed and will be produced, and showcasing the steady progress being made toward the planned 2015 launch of Acura’s next-generation, mid-engine supercar.

The Acura NSX prototype lapped the 2.4-mile winding road course, driven by part of the Ohio-based engineering development team. The NSX prototype sported custom graphics that speak to Acura’s intention to look racing together with the new NSX.

Targeting next-generation supercar dynamic capabilities with advanced environmental performance, Acura announced in 2012 that the Acura NSX will be powered by a mid-mounted, direct-injected V-6 engine mated to Acura’s Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive) system.

Acura’s Sport Hybrid SH-AWD is an all-new, three-motor high-performance hybrid system that combines torque vectoring all-wheel drive with advanced hybrid efficiency by using three electric motors – one motor integrated together with the V-6 engine and its all-new dual-clutch transmission (DCT) driving the rear wheels, and two independent motors driving the front wheels. The system enables instant delivery of negative or positive torque for the front wheels during cornering to achieve a new level of driving performance unparalleled by current AWD systems.

Global growth of the NSX is being led by engineers at Honda R&D Americas, Inc., in Raymond, Ohio. The next-generation Acura sports car will be produced in nearbyOhio and Marysville, using domestic and globally sourced parts, at the newly established, state-of-the-art Performance Manufacturing Center, now under construction.